A few words about us

Think Scalextric Events are based In the South England, we cover the South of England, but will travel to anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales

We are not Hornby Scalextric but a company that proudly uses Official Hornby Scalextric products where possible as we consider them the best on the market.

We are Think, a brand that not only do scalextric events and custom scalextric track builds, but also driver training via our national driving school (Think Driving School).

Ian Weir and Doug Edwards set up Think Driving school in March 2010 and then we began our journey into Think Scalextric Events in 2012 after thinking about a fun way to promote the driving school. What Think Scalextric events turned into was way beyond what we imagined it could become.

We have a real passion for driving and enjoy passing on the joy of driving in this miniature scale, We are both also Fully Qualified Driving instructors that teach people to drive cars, tow trailers and train people to become driving instructors.

We also have several friends that help us out with scalextric events, below are some basic profiles of some of them.

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From the team

Scalextrics are one of the things that stick in most peoples heads from childhood cool toys. So its been so much fun running our scalextric events and bespoke track building business. I never thought id be doing a job i love so much.

We started think Scalextric events as a hobby. Every Event is like going out to play its so much fun even when we are just marshalling

"Seeing the reaction on peoples face when they come in the room to a massive scalextric set just makes my day"